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TeamSpirit Attendance Screen
Attendance Management

Stress-less Time & Attendance

Allow employees to clock in and out with a web-based time clock, smart cards or other method, and approve daily and monthly confirmations as part of a simple workflow. Adapts to multiple employment types, including flextime and reduced work hours, so you can perform complex overtime calculations in real time with a simple configuration. Internal communication improves as employees post their daily schedules and results on the company's social network system when clocking in and out.

Human Resource Management

Overtime & Absence management, based Japanese FLSA

The cloud makes leave and overtime requests easy, anytime, anywhere. Automate administration of available leave and periodic leave benefits, and easily create alarms and reports based on your 36 Agreement and health and safety management to ensure compliance with the Labor Standards Act.

Expense Management

Streamlined Expense Management

TeamSpirit provides you with the tools to manage advance requests and expense claims for travel and entertainment.Import travel expenses directly from IC cards, and search using the Ekitan feature.  A digital workflow from request to approval, reimbursement, direct deposit and journal entry eliminates errors and allows employees to focus on your core business.

Project Management

Improve Project Costing

Complex project hour management becomes a simple daily routine with TeamSpirit's Project Management application. Integration with the Attendance Management application provides a variety of time tracking methods, including "intuitive" calculation based on daily work hours, calendar scheduling and smartphone stopwatch. Employees can also use the social networking system to create and share daily reports with ease.


Easy Tracking Workflow

Convert all your request forms into e-forms with the electronic form builder. TeamSpirit delivers the ability to manage approvals as part of your workflow. Approve employee requests on your mobile device anywhere, anytime. As your company grows, you'll benefit from the streamlined decision-making and the ability to implement appropriate internal controls.

TeamSpirit 1 (Mobile)

Anytime & Anywhere [Mobile)

You can punch time clock and submit expense report with TeamSpirit mobile.
Of course, you can eliminate "Unfair Punching" with GPS audit.

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TeamSpirit Expense Reimbursement and Monthly Project Hours Screens
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TeamSpirit wins the “AppExchange Partner of the year” in Salesforce Partner Summit 2016 following the “Best OEM Application Partner” award in 2014.


ERP Frontware

All-in-one Package

For Streamlined Administrative Tasks with Compliance in Japan

A one-stop system for all your workflows. TeamSpirit provides a simple solution for tedious yet necessary administrative tasks that boosts employee efficiency and productivity.

Cloud-based Service

Cloud-based Service

Simple, Stable and Secure

TeamSpirit's cloud platform offers on-demand availability and a pay-per-use model involving no up-front costs.

A superior platform

Administration with Social

Fully Integrated with Salesforce1 Social Platform.

TeamSpirit is integrated with Salesforce1 platform [Chatter). You can punch time clock by Chatter post, approve workflow on Chatter, etc.

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The Japan Research Institute, Limited
The Japan Research Institute, Limited
Tadashi Uoki
Information Systems Department Manager
TeamSpirit was easily accessible and we were up and running within minutes. We found it extremely simple to use.
HOWCOM Co., Ltd.
HOWCOM Co., Ltd.
Yoshinori Hirabayashi
TeamSpirit has flexibility and ease-of-use, providing us with a solution that met our timeframe and requirements.