Time and attendance management made possible in the cloud, on your mobile device and using social media

Employees can clock attendance times with an online time clock, smart cards, mobile devices, social networking service and more

  • Web-based time clock, mobile and Chatter social networking system clocking methods are all included as standard.
  • Optional integration with transit smart cards, vein authentication and entry access systems available. *

*Contact us for information on compatible products

Approve confirmed daily and monthly attendance in easy workflows

  • With shared TeamSpirit workflows, employees can submit requests for work hour confirmation.
  • Managers on the go can quickly approve requests from a mobile device.
  • The system checks your company's clocking, leave, overtime and other rules when a request is submitted, cutting down on time-consuming approval tasks.

Employees clock in and out as they post daily schedules and results on the enterprise social networking system.

  • Employees can clock in and out with a web-based or mobile time clock where they can enter the day's schedule or brief comments.
  • More than just a work hour management system, the Attendance Management application features a social networking service where employees can share information about their activities and collaborate.

Perform real-time overtime calculations for even the most complex work classifications with a simple configuration

  • Simultaneously supports multiple work-hour systems, including fixed work hours, variable work hours, flextime, fixed overtime, discretionary work, and managerial and supervisory employees.
  • Integration with TeamSpirit Leaders enables shift scheduling and design of shift patterns as well as daily and monthly shift planning.
  • Automate overtime calculations with a simple configuration for even the most complex work classifications and easily link with your payroll software.

A simple design for intuitive navigation

  • A simple interface design makes the system easy to use and intuitive.
  • Timesheets display the information you want, whether it's flex day overtime, required remarks for times not clocked or clock time modifications.
  • Allow employees to record work hours and expenses from the timesheet to save time.

Attendance management with a state-of-the-art, cloud-based system

  • True cloud computing offered by TeamSpirit on the Salesforce1 platform. Companies with more than one location benefit from quick overtime calculations accessible by multiple devices without the hassle of collecting data from each site.
  • If compliance is important to your company, you can benefit from the security and reliability offered by the Salesforce Cloud, a platform trusted by countless financial institutions.

Key Features

Time clock
Online time clock
Mobile application
Smart card interface
Chatter comment clocking
Time clock correction
Real-time overtime calculations
Integration of overtime requests with overtime calculations
Supports Shift Management
Monthly summary
Regular work time, actual work time, overtime and other reports
Tardiness and early departure tallying
Work confirmations
Workflow work confirmations [daily, monthly) and integration with requests
Email notifications
Excess overtime
Approve or reject
Social network system posts when clocking
All types of reports
Leave taken display
Access authorization settings