About Us

Koji Ogishima, CEO

Our mission is to contribute to the success of individuals and companies that challenge the status quo.

The time when a company could simply manufacture and sell a product has come to an end. Today, no company can communicate its value without providing services that adapt to the various and diverse needs of end users. More and more, companies are required to make a shift from a labor-intensive paradigm to a broader, knowledge-intensive, service-based orientation. Employees, too, are faced with the necessity of changing the way they think about their work. Gone are the days of routine work; now, employees must think creatively, and demonstrate their unique professional capabilities.

With the capital and business alliance forged with U.S.-based salesforce.com, Inc., TeamSpirit has completed a transformation from outsourcer to cloud service provider as we set out on our second start-up endeavor. Our experience making such a profound change taught us that the most effective way to inspire our employees to put forth 100% of their professional strengths is to establish a cycle of 1) visualizing daily activities, 2) receiving feedback from those around us, and 3) reflecting on our own activities and relating them to tomorrow.

We conceived of the ERP frontware concept out of a desire to create an environment in which relationships with others inspire people to grow in a spiral of growth that emerges from day-to-day activities. The TeamSpirit service was born of the union of a social networking system with the approval request systems used daily by employees, such as attendance and expense management, combining improved efficiency and an avenue for feedback among employees. We are dedicated to the success of both individuals and enterprises, and with this service we help companies succeed in their revitalization initiatives.

Yet TeamSpirit is a result of more than just our own efforts. Daily we receive feedback from customers using TeamSpirit. We use that feedback to enhance features and provide all our customers with updates free-of-charge. Customer feedback not only benefits us, it leads to better service for each and every customer.

We believe that our true business is that of amplifying customer ideas to create a circle of contribution, and we are committed to that goal.

Nothing would make us happier than to include you in our circle of contribution. We look forward to helping you succeed.

Koji Ogishima, CEO

Board of Directors

Koji Ogishima, CEO
Koji Ogishima, CEO
Koji Ogishima established TeamSpirit Inc. in 1996. Prior to that, he worked at Toshiba and Toshiba Solutions, where he developed financial institution solutions and provided operational risk consulting. His work with the salesforce.com cloud began in 2008, culminating in the conceptualization and development of TeamSpirit.
Hidenobu Masuyama, Chief Financial Officer
Hidenobu Masuyama, CFO
Hidenobu Masuyama joined Andersen Consulting [currently, Accenture] in 1993. He worked at Ernst & Young and SunBridge before joining TeamSpirit as a part-time director in September 2011. He became a full-time Director in September 2012.
Yousuke Arimoto, Chief Technology Officer
Yousuke Arimoto, CTO
Yousuke Arimoto graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology with a degree in Department of Computer Science in 1987. He worked at A-Care Systems, among others, before joining TeamSpirit. His development projects include a Japanese-language morphological analysis engine and an email ASP delivery engine.
Kenji Miyako, External Director
Kenji Miyako, External Director
Kenji Miyako joined Arthur Andersen & Co. in 1983. He founded and became head of Miyako Accounting Firm in 1989. He serves as a Director at Globis Corp., as Auditor at Macromill, Inc., istyle, Inc. and Trenders, Inc., and as Representative Director at Artus Co., Ltd. He is a Certified Public Accountant.
Akira Kurabayashi, External Director
Akira Kurabayashi, External Director
Akira Kurabayashi joined Draper Nexus as Managing Director in 2015. Before joining Draper Nexus, he was Senior Director of Corporate Development & Salesforce Ventures at salesforce.com. He focuses primarily on early stage venture investments in enterprise sector in Japan.
Masahiro Ito, External Auditor
Masahiro Ito, External Auditor
Masahiro Ito joined Andersen Consulting [currently, Accenture] in 1996. He worked at Skylight Consulting prior to graduating from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Law in 2004. He became a registered attorney in 2008, and became a partner at Uchida and Samejima Law Firm in 2013.

Company Information

Name TeamSpirit Inc.
Address Kyobashi soseikan, 4th Fl. Kyobashi 2-5-18, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031
Founded November 13, 1996
Capital 646,100,000 JPY [including capital reserve)
CEO Koji Ogishima
Shareholders salesforce.com, Inc.
Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Nissay Capital Co., Ltd.
SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd
Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd.
SunBridge Global Ventures, Inc.
TeamSpirit management group

TeamSpirit Inc.
● Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kyobashi Station Exit 4 in front of the building, there is an entrance on the right side.
● 10 minutes on foot from JR Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit
● 4 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Ginza 1-chome Station
● 3 minutes on foot from Takaru-cho station on the Toei Subway / Asakusa Line