The Team Spirit concept

ERP Frontware

Do you need a system that can handle time and attendance as well as employee expenses?

Too often, human resources, accounting and business units seek individual solutions for monitoring and managing information. A time and attendance system tracks overtime hours for payroll calculation, expense management software handles approvals of employees' out-of-pocket expenses, and a separate project management system compiles project work hours and expenses to manage cost.

In today’s business world, you need real-time access to information from across your company. You want information on overtime hours and project costs at your fingertips, and you want to link labor costs to your bottom line and assign business trip expenses to the right project cost center. Countless companies have adopted enterprise resource management [ERP) software in the hopes of restructuring their internal business processes and adapting to industry best practices.

The down side of building an ERP system tailored to your company is that it is both time consuming and expensive. This presents a considerable disadvantage for a business management system whose purpose is keeping you abreast of changes in the economic environment. A tool meant to help your company grow becomes an obstacle to that growth.


TeamSpirit provides the perfect ERP solution

TeamSpirit redefines the various software packages used for core functions of employee time and attendance, human resource management and expense reimbursement as a "records and approval request system." Data that has been recorded and approved as part of the workflow becomes available in an integrated, cloud-based service.

Extract the information you need to run your business from data input anywhere in the system. Import TeamSpirit data into your accounting and payroll software, eliminating the need to duplicate data entry in multiple systems and making important information instantly available. By combining TeamSpirit with your existing accounting and payroll software, you’ll have the perfect ERP solution tailored to your needs.

Change tedious tasks into a powerful resource

Another commonly encountered problem with many ERP systems is the burden placed on employees, interfering with their productivity for the purpose of evaluating it. Complicated systems that are hard to use cut into actual work time and impact employee morale with no consideration for productivity of your most important resource—your employees.

On the other hand, the widespread use of social networks and mobile devices, combined with advances in web- and cloud-based technology for the consumer has changed the individual’s experience of information technology into an intuitive and democratic means of communication. The demand for convenient, web-based systems for employees is great.

That’s why TeamSpirit focused on service design and ease of use. We included an enterprise social networking system as a standard feature, making it easy for employees throughout the company to share ideas and information quickly, stepping up the pace of your business and maximizing employee performance. This is what we mean by “ERP frontware.”

Cloud Services

Is the cloud better because the servers are on the internet?

With the emergence of cloud computing, the age of costly, high-maintenance servers has come to an end. Today, even without a specialized IT team, companies of any size can take advantage of the security and speedy technological innovation provided by cloud-based systems.

However, if this maintenance-free infrastructure winds up requiring an excessive amount of time, effort and money for conversion and maintenance of applications, the benefit is lost. Unfortunately, many of the so-called “cloud-based” packages are no more than data storage on the internet.

To us, the cloud is about SERVICES that provide BENEFITS.

Of course, you need no servers or other equipment to use TeamSpirit. Even daily backups and emergency redundancy systems in far-off locations are included in the services. It's intuitive and easy to use without a manual. Just configure your web browser and you're on your way.

More than just a platform, TeamSpirit is an integrated service that includes applications and a Help Desk. Periodic updates are released in response to legal changes, and twice annual revisions incorporating customer feedback are provided free of charge. Installation and user support is available in the form of email and tutorials free of charge throughout the subscription period. *

So even without a dedicated systems manager, you're always on the best system available just by connecting to the internet.

*Online remote configuration support is provided for a separate fee

Applications as a service

With TeamSpirit, you don't need to purchase any applications. We provide the same system version as a service to all our customers for a monthly fee.

We also welcome your requests for changes if TeamSpirit doesn’t meet the needs of your company’s workflow. And if all of our customers share the same needs, we’ll provide those revisions at no extra charge to you.

We provide the latest version with constantly updated features free of charge to all our existing customers.

A superior foundation

Can you trust the future of your company to your platform?

Using cloud-based applications enables your company to standardize and automate tasks as well as lower costs. But those aren't the only ways the cloud can help your company grow.
The competitive edge provided by the cloud lies in a platform that provides the reliability and high level of security you need to protect your customers, business partners and employees as well as the business applications you need to make the most of your unique potential.

* A separate Salesforce1 [ subscription is not required for users of TeamSpirit.

** Customers subscribing to TeamSpirit only must subscribe under a separate paid platform subscription to add new business applications.

TeamSpirit utilizes leading-edge cloud platform technology known as "Platform as a service," or "Paas," which provides all necessary functions as an integrated offering.

TeamSpirit is built on Salesforce1*, the cloud-based platform trusted by over 100,000 companies worldwide. Salesforce1 not only makes your business applications accessible on computers, smartphones and tablets, it also allows you to add and connect** your own applications on the platform. A full range of middleware offerings is available for sharing workflow, reporting engine, social networking service [SNS) and other applications and is constantly updated free of charge.

Most importantly, while the services are public, access to the platform is restricted to your company alone to provide an environment with the world’s highest standard of security – so secure that it’s used by financial institutions.

Choose TeamSpirit as the platform on which to build your future.

Reliability: Luxury condominium vs. road-side motel


The TeamSpirit subscription includes a Salesforce1 user subscription, and customers become Salesforce1 environment owners. For that reason, even we are unable to access customers' system environments, thereby guaranteeing you the complete security of the luxury condominium.

General Application Service Providers [ASP)

Service providers that operate like the road-side motel are able to access customers' system environments at any time since services are bundled with database and application management contracts.

Platform and applications evolve together

  • The Chatter social networking service, WEB Workflow, Reports, Dashboard and Calendar features are included as part of the PaaS and updated together with the Salesforce1 platform.

A platform provides the advantage of scalability by integrating systems

  • Add applications to the Salesforce1 platform when you need them.*
  • TeamSpirit connects seamlessly with your other systems, so you can access everything with just one front-end system.

* Customers subscribing to TeamSpirit only must subscribe under a separate pay-for-use platform subscription to build new business applications.

Accessible by computer, smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices.

Supports devices running MAC, Windows, iOS, Android and other operating systems.

Use your mobile device off-line and quickly synchronize your data when you connect to protect confidential information.

A single sign-on allows users to easily switch back and forth between the Chatter networking and collaboration feature and other applications running on Salesforce.

Access your workflow from any device to quickly approve employee requests while you're away from the office.