Automate all aspects of expense management, including smart cards, travel planning, corporate credit cards and electronic banking

Manage expense requests and claims in a single workflow

  • Workflows allow employees to make advance requests for business travel and entertainment expenses, with reimbursement enabled only once approvals are made.
  • Link purchases and outsourcing costs with project expense management. The TeamSpirit Leaders add-on also enables integration with bottom-line cost management.
  • Use online importing of SMBC personal and corporate credit card statements.
  • Easily implement internal compliance with workflows designed for planning, reimbursement and payment approvals.

Supports travel expense management with smart cards and Ekitan search engine

  • Manage travel expenses IC cards . [Employees also clock in and out with smart cards.)
  • Fares from Ekitan are used for expense records, and automatic calculation of travel expenses input through Ekitan search engine integration is a standard feature. [Commuter pass routes are automatically deducted.)
  • Travel costs read from smart cards or Ekitan are displayed in the system, and fares cannot be modified, eliminating improper expense reimbursements.

Supports multiple payment methods, including electronic banking and corporate credit cards

  • Generate electronic banking data for any bank and use the Electronic Banking [EB) service for automatic direct deposit of expense reimbursements. TeamSpirit eliminates the need for cash in the office.
  • Supports payment of project expense invoices by EB service.
  • Automate usage approval and monthly statement reconciliation processes for corporate credit cards.

Export journal entries to your accounting software

  • Set your own account items, sub items, expense items, consumption tax types and tax classification codes.
  • Design your own journal entry reports and export them in csv format to link with almost any accounting software.
  • Supports input of item totals into your accounting software.

Manage expenses with a state-of-the-art cloud-based system from your mobile device

  • Eliminate errors and allow employees to focus on your business by combining every workflow step from requests and approvals to reimbursement, journal entries and direct deposit into a single system.
  • You decide when to manage expenses from your mobile device.
  • Managers can approve expenses from a mobile device while away from the office.
  • True cloud computing offered by TeamSpirit on the Salesforce1 platform. And if compliance is a high priority for your company, TeamSpirit gives you peace of mind, ensuring processes are consistent with policies, using workflows accessible in the cloud and from any mobile device.

Key Features

Advance requests [Business travel, entertainment, general)
Expense management [Linked with advance requests and approval processes)
Upload of smart card travel fares [Smart card interface)
Importing of SMBC personal and corporate credit card itemized statements
Integration with Ekitan search engine
Support for invoice payment
Image file attachments
Workflow-based approvals [WEB, mobile)
Email notifications
Image file printing
Integration with project management
Data generation for use with EB Service
Journal entry data generation for use in accounting software
All types of reports
Access authorization settings