Cloud + Workflow = Optimal electronic approval process

Create approval request forms for all your processes with just a browser

  • Customize your forms with the information you need.
  • Digitize address change, certification and other company forms, and manage them in a single system.
  • Simplify complex approval processes with easy workflow settings.

Create your own e-forms for use with TeamSpirit attendance, expense, project and other applications

  • Design and link your forms with TeamSpirit objects.
  • Create HR and outsourcing forms.

A state-of-the-art cloud-based e-form system

  • True cloud computing offered by TeamSpirit on the Salesforce1 platform. Start using easy electronic e-forms. No special equipment or software is needed.
  • TeamSpirit1 enables you to make approvals from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, helping speed up decision-making throughout your company.

Key Features

E-form design and creation
Online approval processes
File attachments
Workflow-based approvals [Web, mobile)
Email notifications
Pending approval list
Send back function
Request and approval delegation
All types of reports
Request routing settings
Access authorization settings