With integration of Attendance Management and a social networking service, project management becomes a simple daily routine

Record work hours using the slider bar, a mobile device or the scheduler

  • Assign percentages of the work day to each job using the slider bar for automatic calculation of project work hours.
  • Captures hours worked from schedules input into the Salesforce1 standard scheduler.
  • Easily check in from the mobile application to record work hours.
  • TeamSpirit enables employees to submit requests for daily or monthly approvals of recorded work hours as part of a shared workflow.

Integration with Attendance Management and Expense Management

  • Implement consistency requirements for project work hours and work hours recorded in Attendance Management.
  • Billable project hours are limited to a maximum of actual hours worked. Work hours that can’t be billed to a project can be assigned to “Other.”
  • Projects used in Project Management are shared in Expense Management so that work hours and expenses can be linked to a single project.

Integration with the social networking service and Attendance Management turns work-hour data entry into a simple daily routine.

  • Employees can enter project work hours, post a work report on the social networking service and clock out simultaneously.
  • Employees can make expense claims directly on the Time Report, turning tedious tasks into simple daily routines.

Get increased functionality to manage individual project costs with TeamSpirit Leaders

  • TeamSpirit Leaders enables budget creation with sales force automation. Enter project hours worked in TeamSpirit to see individual project costs in real time.

Project management with a state-of-the-art, cloud-based system

  • With TeamSpirit, a full cloud computing suite built on the Salesforce1 platform, you can begin managing project work hours easily without any special equipment.
  • Integration of multiple features–including Attendance Management and Expense Management–in a single cloud-based system reduces your data entry workload, turning it into simple daily routines.

Key Features

Recording of project work hours
Online slider bars
Calendar schedule
Mobile application
Total integration with the Attendance Management application's daily work hours
Project progress
Project registration
TeamSpirit job registration
TeamSpirit Leaders project integration
Integration with external provider applications
Simultaneous work hour entry and posting to social networking service [Daily Reports)
All types of reports
Access authorization settings