2012/09/05 20:08:38

[Salesforce] ForcePad by Salesforce Labsにバージョンアップ


Salesforce for iPadがバージョンアップしました。
アプリケーションの名称変更があり、新しいアプリ名は「ForcePad by Salesforce Labs」です。


ForcePad by Salesforce Labs バージョン2.4のバージョンアップ内容は以下のとおりです。

ForcePad by Salesforce Labs
  • Salesforce for iPad is now ForcePad!
  • New Save behavior: maintains your window stack after you create or update a record
  • New support for Report and Dashboard in-app listviews
  • Now displays any errors that occur during login (e.g. if you login with a user who has API disabled)
  • Better support for displaying records that do not have record layouts (opens in webview)
  • Fixes for rendering dependent picklist values
  • Fixes for displaying currency values in multicurrency orgs
  • Fixes for activity related lists on Contact and Lead records
  • Fixes for the partner related list
  • Other misc. fixes


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